Choose the benefit package that makes sense for you.

Lakeside Service Co. is proud to offer a variety of maintenance packages to best suit any family and their home. Benefit packages are a great way to save money throughout the year. Listed below are our four benefit packages.

Regular Trip ChargeFREE$30 off$20 off$10 off
After Hour Trip Charge$59 off$30 off$20 off$10 off
Flat Rate Repair and Diagnostic20% off15% off10% off5% off
1st Priority Service Response
PriorityPlus Service Response
Priority Service Response
24 Hour Service Response
1 Year Part & Labor on all repairs
Includes Plumbing Services
New Equipment Discounts
Cost Per Month / Per Residence$30$20$10$5
Add equipment to your plan.


• Geothermal Heat Pump

• Oil Furnace

• Oil Boiler

• Steam Boiler

• Pool Dehumidifier

• Combi Boiler/water heating

$14.00 each per month

• Gas Furnace

• Air Conditioner

• AA Heat Pump

• Gas Boiler

• Mini Split AC / Heat Pump

• Pool Heater / Unit Heater

• Tankless Water Heater (w/ flush)

$7.50 each per month


• Humidifier with Pad

• Energy Recovery Ventilators

• Water Heater (inc. flush)

• Smoke Detector / CO Testing

• Tankless Water Heater (flush only)

$5.50 each per month

• Air Handler

• Add Mini Split Head

• Water Heater (flush only)

• Water Softener Maintenance

• Iron System Maintenance

$3.50 each per month