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Enjoy the benefits of leading-edge technology with the installation of a modern heat pump.  These wonderfully efficient systems, handle both heating and cooling, saving you money and keeping you perfectly comfortable no matter what the weather brings.  By specializing in Carrier brand heat pumps, Lakeside Service Co Inc offers a wide variety of options that answer both severe heat and cold, and actively adjust capacity to meet the current demands of the home.  Adapting speeds between forty and one percent, the result is unprecedented cost savings, quieter operation, and more consistent temperatures.

Enjoy the benefits of a modern heat pump installation!Heat Pump Repair & Service in Ann Arbor, MI; Brighton, MI; Novi, MI; Howell, MI

Combining the installation of an energy efficient heat pump with the power of your furnace significantly trims those winter utility bills, ensuring that you benefit from the most effective and intelligent fuel source at all times.  The specialists from Lakeside Service Co Inc are standing by to explain the many rewards of heat pump installation and handle your project properly and promptly.

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To take the best possible care of any make or model of heat pump, Lakeside Service Co Inc provides Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements, ensuring timely and conscientious upkeep for peak performance season after season.  For anything from minor disruption to complete equipment failure, our licensed technicians are always available to assist you with prompt and skilled repairs across Livingston County, Novi, and Ann Arbor.  Serving residential and commercial customers throughout Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Western Oakland County since 1983, Lakeside Service Co Inc is firmly established as a trusted solution to year-round temperature control.  All services are handled by highly trained, fully insured professionals who are 100% committed to your long-term satisfaction.

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